Emphasizes impact of humans on animals in our community

Correlates well with both 4th grade science and social studies curriculum

Builds character in students and teaches responsibility

Teaches good citizenship---starting with the young to help solve societal problems

Stresses service to community and caring for others

Saves lives of animals by teaching kids to reflect upon and respond to the needs of animals

Highlights both the responsibilities and rewards of responsible pet ownership

Prepares students to recognize that owning a pet is a huge responsibility and a life-long commitment

Reduces the number of unwanted/homeless pets and emphasizes the importance of spay/neuter, microchipping and registration of microchip

Encourages adoption of animals from the Wake County Animal Center or other reputable organizations, helping our community

Prepares students to be responsible towards animals and treat them with respect and sensitivity

Equips students to be responsible care-givers in the present and future

Includes activities for writing; high-interest, grade appropriate readings; and many opportunities for students to use higher-order thinking skills

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