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You can work in a group, team, or as an individual to create a resource for teaching others how to be responsible pet owners by reflecting on what you have learned about responding to the needs of animals in Wake County. Some suggested topics are::

  • Why do pets find themselves at the WCAC and how can we decrease the huge numbers of animals that find themselves there (feel free to use the pet profile examples below or create your own example)

  • How to keep animals safe 

  • How to keep animals healthy

  • What to think about before getting a pet

  • What responsibilities do we have once we bring a companion animal home

Use the ChatterPix, Tellegami, Do Ink or other applications on your iPads to design a teaching resource that you will share with others through the Kids 4 Critters website and social media pages.

  1. You'll want to think about the chosen topic.

  2. Develop a plan.

  3. Find resources (what images and text you will need).

  4. Write a script.

  5. Record narration.

  6. Put it all together.

NOTE: Please be sure to use only your first name, if you identify yourself or team members in your work.

All submitted projects must have a title, list the names of team members, and be no longer than 5 minutes in length. Use this rubric to help guide you as you develop the teaching resource.

We look forward to reviewing the results and sharing the lessons with others!


Free Images

Pet Profiles from WCAC

Below are just some of the many pets that Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) has helped to find loving homes. You can use the pictures and information on this page to articulate what you have learned about responsible pet ownership. Remember that YOU can make a difference for the animals of Wake County by sharing what you have learned in this program. Please, help spread the word!

My name is Violet. I was 3 months old when I was surrendered to WCAC. I am a Pit Bull mix and I came to the shelter with some of my siblings. At that time, I had a horrible skin infections, known as Demodex. I was very itchy and was missing much of my coat. I was placed in foster care and underwent treatment to resolve the Demodex infection. Just look at me now!

My name is Ricci and I was brought to the WCAC as a stray by a Good Samaritan when I was six-years old. I have extensive medical issues but I do fine with treatment. I am such an easy going cat, that the staff wanted to made me a lifetime resident at WCAC. I was living in the office area when a volunteer's daughter (who happened to be veterinarian and could cope with my medical problems) took an interest in me. She adopted me and I fit in perfectly in my permanent home.

My name is Artimis. I am a two year old Vizsla mix. My former owner was admitted to a long term care hospital and his elderly mom was unable to care for me. WCAC held me hoping my family would return to claim me, but unfortunately I was just too much for them. I was transfer to a local rescue group and now I have a new family that loves me and I love them.

My name is Phinneaus, I was brought in as a stray by a Good Samaritan who found me. WCAC found out that I was heartworm positive and helped me get better. I'm only 3 years old and have many good years ahead of me. I'd love to have a family to call my own.

My name is Star. I'm a ten year old Domestic Short Hair cat. I was surrendered by my owner because her new boyfriend was allergic to cats. Fortunately for me, I was adopted by a new family and I receive lots of love an attention.

My name is Cubby. I am a two year old American Staffordshire Terrier and Labrador mix. I was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan and brought to WCAC. They took excellent care of me, while I was homeless, and helped me to find my forever family. Just look at me now!

My name is Koko and I was surrendered because I have allergies. I underwent treatment at the NC Veterinary Medical College while I was in foster care at Wake County Animal Center. I was adopted once, but the women did not keep up with my medications and I returned in much worse condition. I am once again in foster care while I wait for my forever family. I am a sweet American Bulldog mix who even helps to do dog testing and some outreach for WCAC.

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