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Lost or Found Pet Tutorial

What to do if you find or lose a pet

In Lesson 1 of the Kids 4 Critters program, students learn about the 4 R's (reflect, respond, respect, and rewards). We teach that everyone (adults and children) must reflect on the condition of animals in Wake County, responsibly respond to the needs of these animals, respect the animals' needs and understand how animals communicate with us. When we accept our responsibilities, we can then appreciate and enjoy the great rewards that come with responsible pet ownership. The following tutorial focuses on one aspect of being responsible. In this video, you'll learn what to do if you find a lost pet or if your pet is ever lost.


Click the player below to get started.

For a transcript of this lesson, click here.


Click the items below to view and  print the documents. Save a copy, for future reference.


Lost Pet Checklist


Sample Lost Pet Poster

Other Resources

Other Resources

For help spreading the word about lost or found pets. Try posting them on:

  • Facebook

  • Home Owners Association (HOA) bulletin boards or email lists

Remember Traingle Lost Pets isn't just for postig lost pets. If you spot an animal or have found a pet, post the information for anyone who may be searching.

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