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Do you know what PUP is?

I just watched Mister Peters’ video on PUP (Pick Up Poop!). I recommend you watch it too, you can find it here

He very persuasively explains why PUP is important. I want to meet the Kids 4 Critters mascot, Mister Peters, and ask him for his paw print.

It is so important to PUP (Pick Up Poop!) to protect our environment! Did you know that stormwater does NOT end up getting treated at wastewater treatment plants? Stormwater pipes lead directly to our streams, ponds, and lakes.

I want to share some other things we can all do to protect our environment. These are recommendations, in addition to PUP, from a NC State University Environmental Health & Public Safety brochure:

  • Don’t litter or dump trash, debris or chemicals in storm sewers.

  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash that collects and treats the water.

  • Use only the amount of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides needed to get the job done.

  • Don’t apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers right before it is going to rain.

  • Don’t apply fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides to paved surfaces.

  • Maintain ground cover and landscaping to prevent exposed soil and erosion.

  • Report it if you observe an unusual discharge such as mud flowing off a construction site or soap bubbles, a funny odor or a strange color in streams, ponds or lakes. In Raleigh, you can call 919-996-3940.

Thanks for being a responsible pet owner and always PUP!

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