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Jobs for Veterinarians

Being a veterinarian does not just mean working with sick dogs and cats. There are countless different jobs and roles that veterinarians can have, and that is why being a veterinarian is so exciting! This semester in school we even had an entire class devoted to learning about all the different jobs for veterinarians. Here are a few that we learned about:

Gobble gobble! These turkeys are 7 weeks old.

Livestock veterinarians: A livestock veterinarian’s job is to help farmers raise healthy animals, so humans can have yummy bacon, eggs, steaks, and chicken tenders! This is a very important job! Without our farmers and livestock veterinarians we would be very hungry and our thanksgiving meal would be very sad. Much of a livestock veterinarian’s job is treating groups of animals instead of one animal at a time. For example, a turkey farmer keeps 2,000 turkeys at one time, so what happens if one of the turkeys gets sick? The sickness will easily spread through the turkey house to the other chickens. So how does one treat 2,000 animals at once? One option is to put medicine in the water so that all the turkeys drink the medicine

Exotic/wildlife veterinarian: An exotic animal veterinarian can work in many places like zoos, museums, aquariums, and wildlife rehabilitation centers. Exotic animal veterinarians take care of sick animals that normally live in the wild. One of the most important parts of an exotic animal veterinarian’s job is creating habitats that are similar to how the animals would live in the wild. For example, lions are very large animals and spend most of their time roaming and hunting other animals. When a lion lives in a zoo, they don’t need to roam or hunt. They can get bored. Veterinarians and zookeepers make sure the lions have plenty of toys to keep them active and entertained.

Public health veterinarian: Public health veterinarians work for the government with jobs dealing with food safety and regulations that keep humans safe. Food safety veterinarians make and enforce rules about meat, eggs, and dairy products that go to grocery stores. For example, they can prevent spoiled milk from getting to the grocery store. Other public health veterinarians make rules that keep humans safe from diseases that animals have. For example, all dogs and cats must get the rabies vaccine. This rule reduces the chance that humans get rabies from pets.

Researchers: Veterinary researchers are very important. They study new ways to treat and prevent diseases in animals and in humans!

There are many other jobs for veterinarians that I have not mentioned in this article. As you can see veterinarians wear many important hats!

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