Benefits of our program to Our Community

Members of our community will:

enjoy the benefits of an evolving more knowledgeable community of responsible pet lovers.

advance in creating a more caring community—Teaching students to develop empathy is the best antidote to violence, bullying, and unwanted aggressive behavior in children.  “Statistically, if there’s abuse in the home, it’s very possible that there’s abuse of an animal.” (Wall Street Journal, “Police Learn to Spot ‘Who’s a Good  Boy,” Dec.26, 2019.)

benefit from citizens with greater knowledge of the importance of spay/neutering our pets;  microchipping and registering our microchip; responsibly caring for our pet’s medical needs (e.g. heartworm prevention, rabies vaccines). Many pets are surrendered to the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) with heartworm disease, a preventable malady.

cultivate greater numbers of citizens who will be willing to foster and adopt from the WCAC or other responsible rescue organizations, improving lives for animals and humans in our community.

promote participation in a community which understands the merit and importance of service and realizes improving the lives of animals is a partnership between all county members and the WCAC.

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