Benefits of our program to Students

reflect upon the impact of humans on animals in Wake County and learn that through responsible actions we can improve conditions for both animals and humans.

reflect on why many animals find themselves at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) and what we can do to help the WCAC respond to the needs of the thousands and thousands of animals who enter the Center’s doors each year.

recognize and appreciate that owning a pet is a huge responsibility to be taken very seriously and that pet ownership is a life-long commitment.

build character and good citizenship in students by learning what is involved in responsibly caring for companion animals and fostering empathy.

learn to respect animals—both companion animals and those in the wild.

learn how students can serve their community and care for others; develop empathy towards animals and humans; and respond to the needs of animals as each student is able.

reflect not only on the great responsibilities of pet ownership, but also appreciate the great rewards of living with a companion animal once we accept the responsibilities.

make progress in writing (essay competition), reading and comprehension of what they have read through engaging sources: books and age-appropriate true stories about animals in our community.

develop higher-order thinking skills through class discussions, reading, writing, digital games, tutorials, and our other materials.

augment vocabulary and content knowledge about animals, e.g. how cats and dogs communicate with us and how our companion animals learn best.

gain knowledge of world languages (human) and world geography through our Faye and Scooter’s “Chatalogue.”

learn to act responsibly around animals and to treat them with respect and sensitivity.  Even students who have companion animals will more fully value their pets and their relationship with them after completing our course.

become equipped to be responsible caregivers in the present and future.

teach others what they have learned from our class, improving life for animals and humans in our community.  One of our main program goals is stated succinctly by Mister Peters, our program mascot:  “Please teach others!” Where possible, students take leadership roles in team-teaching our curriculum to their peers.

Students will:

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