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Kids in Action

May 08, 2018

To Jack's delight, Sadie is now his walker. Sadie, a fourth-grader, is using what she learned in Kids 4 Critters to help others and make a difference. All of us are extremely proud of Sadie. Thanks to Donna Provance for writing the article and for teaching Sadie, along with Dawn Friedel. Read the full story about Sadie and Jack .

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After our pilot program at Northwoods (winter 2015):

One student proudly told us:   “My dad took our dog to our vet and we got her spayed!”

A parent got a microchip for their family’s dog after the dog slipped out from its collar and got loose.  The parent was convinced they did not need a microchip because the dog “is with us at all times.”  The daughter who had taken our class kept insisting they needed to get a microchip and get it registered!

A student told his sister, “No, you cannot just run up to a dog and touch it.  You don’t run and you have to ask for permission before petting a dog.”

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