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We share books in our "story hour" which foster empathy as well as animal well-being and are used in humane education programs. One of our goals is to raise community awareness of cat and dog overpopulation. These books firmly support the program goals of our organization. We partner with the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) and our spokes-companion animals, Faye and Scooter, always say, "Please, spay and neuter!".

At present, we are offering two of our very favorite books. We can also offer readings of other books dealing with teaching empathy towards animals. Two of our volunteers are certified Red Rover Reader instructors.

If you would like to schedule a virtual story time, in which one of our Kids 4 Critters volunteers will read a book with your group through Google Meet or Zoom, please fill in the form below or email us at

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Thank you for requesting a read session! Someone will get back to you shortly.

It’s Raining Pups and Dogs!” fills an important need by introducing children to the realities of pet overpopulation.  Approaching the issue from a young person’s perspective, Prevost tackles this difficult topic in an authentic yet sensitive manner.   Hansen adds to the realism with accurate and detailed illustrations of various dog-breed types.  A recommended read for all parents and children and a great addition to any human educator’s library!”   -Susan Helmink, President, Association of Professional Humane Educators

Jeanne Prevost, author; Amelia Hansen illustrator

The Gryphon Press, Sit, Stay, Read Series, 2013

Its Raining Cats and Cats!” is another important book by author Prevost and illustrator Hansen.

“This whimsical book is sure to delight children while explaining the very serious consequences of not spaying and neutering pets. Havoc reigns in its wonderful illustrations of cats and their endearing antics. I wish everyone would read this book and take its important message to heart.”

-Nancy Peterson, Feral Cat Program Manager, The Humane Society of the United States

Jeanne Prevost, author; Amelia Hansen illustrator

The Gryphon Press, Pounce! Purr! Read! Series, 2008

"Buddy Unchained" tells the story of a lovable mixed-breed dog. Happy in a new home, Buddy tells the story of his former life of neglect, abuse, and finally, rescue, to live a good life with a family that cares about him.

Daisy Bix, author; Joe Hyatt, illustrator

The Gryphon Press, Sit!, Stay!, Read! Series, 2006

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