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Students learned about the correct ways to interact with animals. They also learned some great skills that were easy to remember when dogs are chasing or attacking. 

Carlitha Simmons

Teacher, Rogers Lane

I think they learned that having an animal is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of time and money. They realized that while puppies and kittens are cute, there are many obligations to consider when deciding on a pet is the right fit for their family. Some of them also realized how they could be a better pet owner to the animals they already have as well. 

Terran Greene

Teacher, Rogers Lane

This program was wonderful! Each student took something different away and will be able to apply it to their lives. Many kids know a lot about animals, but they don’t know or understand what is really involved in owning one and taking care of it. Kids are wrapped up in their own lives and the abundance of technology and sometimes they are “detached” from reality. This program helps them to care for something other than themselves and teaches them to be responsible, caring human beings. I especially enjoyed that the kids learned how to communicate with dogs and cats and how this can foster a meaningful relationship with an animal and also keep them safe. It breaks my heart when I see or hear about family pets who are surrendered because someone got bit. How often is that because kids, including adults are not educated on how to work with a pet? Now, the kids know the signs and how to make sure they have a loving relationship with an animal. They can take what they have learned and share it with their families and the people they encounter.

Mandie Bodanzio

Teacher, Northwoods

"The Kids 4 Critters program was a unique, well-planned, informative program that taught students the importance of responsibly choosing, interacting with, and adopting a pet.  It ties into the 4th grade curriculum by addressing the community aspect of social studies, the animal science studies we cover and informational writing.  Kids 4 Critters was the best thing to happen to my 4th grade classroom!"

Lisa Goeders

Teacher, Northwoods Elementary

"4th graders loved having Kids 4 Critters as part of their learning program this year. The instructors were very welcoming and children felt at ease with new adults right away. Instructors taught us a lot of new vocabulary which the children then used through out the sessions and even had discussions about what they learned during writing time (some of them wrote informational texts about the animal care). The classes flowed easily as children were constantly challenged with a variety of activities which developed their understanding of animal care. It  was great to see children take learning outside of the classroom by writing an essay at home and giving them different ways of sharing what they have learned with family and friends. We are very thankful for this opportunity and the adults in 4th grade also learned a lot from this program. I would definitely recommend Kids 4 Critters to my colleagues."

Ms. Kniazeva

Teacher, Wendell Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School

"Our students have really enjoyed participating in the Kids 4 Critters program.   They are learning that not only is having a pet fun, it is a big responsibility.  The K 4 C teachers have a love for animals that they are passing onto our students.'

Amy Wilson

Teacher, Baileywick Elementary

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"Kids for Critters was a major highlight for my daughter's class.  She came home talking about it every day Ms. Linda and Ms. Judy visited with their guests.  She especially enjoyed the different animals they brought to her classroom, like their therapy dogs and Stretch, the overweight cat.  Even though my daughter already had experience caring for animals, she still learned a lot during the Kids for Critters program.  She enjoyed teaching us things like not to leave a dog alone in a car if the temperature is over 70 degrees, and the proper way to greet a dog.  The essay contest was fun for her & she also liked the visiting artist who taught them to draw animals with oil pastels.  This program is a valuable addition to any classroom fortunate to be chosen."

Heather Campbell

Parent, Northwoods Elementary

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"I was thrilled to see the students' interest in the topics, and when I talked with students they were sharing facts about taking care of animals.  The final exhibition was phenomenal; the products the students produced were well done and well thought out.  Students proudly showed their parents their work.  I hear numerous parents comment that they did not know that, and their child has helped them learn about the best way to care for their dogs.  This program certainly taught the children life lessons."

Robin J. Wahl

Principal, Northwoods Elementary

"Our students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Kids 4 Critters program. The Kids 4 Critters program provided a phenomenal learning experience for our students. All of our fourth grade students were actively engaged in each Kids 4 Critters lesson. Our students learned about responsibility, respect, good citizenship, and pet care through the Kids 4 Critters program.

I would highly recommend this program for any elementary school."

Shane Barham

Principal, Wendell Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School

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