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A Local Kid Helping Critters

I came across this flyer for Best Friends Bakery.

So, I reached out to Rowan to find out what inspired her to start a business, she told me she has always loved animals. Rowan said, "When I was 6-8 years old, at the end of each month I would take all my money and donate it to our local pet shelter. So a couple months ago, I decided to mix two of my favorite things: baking and animals."

Right now she is donating to two shelters: Wake County SPCA and Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue. I asked her why these two charities and she said, "these rescues are where we adopted our dogs and cat." She does hope to be able to expand and donate to more shelters if the business allows it. This year she has already made $60 and hopes to exceed her goal of $200.

Rowan took advise from her mom, who owns Trilogy Edibles, which was "to start by making only one thing." She chose chocolate chip cookies because those are one of the first cookies her mom taught her to bake, and they are in her words, "my best dish." Being a dog, I can't eat chocolate, so I have to take her word for it. But I did ask her if she plans to make dog friendly treats. She is thinking about it but wants to start slow and see how the business goes, then she will consider adding more options for sale. Sounds like a smart kid to me!

Rowan and her family currently care for two dogs (Sydni and Remy), a cat (Scarlet), and lots of fish. If you want to support a local kid who is also helping critters, consider buying some cookies from Rowan.

Do you folks know how you can help the Wake County Animal Center? They are always looking for volunteers, foster parents, and transfer partners. Keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for any supplies needed. Of course donations are always welcome too! Maybe you want to start a business and donate a portion of your profits, just like Rowan!

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