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Fun with Horse Words!

Hi kids!

Ed here! Today I wanted to share with you a few vocabulary words that are commonly used by people who work with horses. Sometimes it sounds like they have their own language! There is also a fun word search activity for you to complete!

Mare – a female horse

Stallion – a male horse

Gelding – a neutered male horse

Hand – a unit of measurement used to measure the height of a horse. One hand is 4 inches.

Pony – a pony is a horse that is less than 14.2 hands tall (remember, a pony is not a baby horse!)

Foal – a newborn horse

Filly – a young female horse (usually less than 1 year old)

Colt – a young male horse (usually less than 1 year old)

Weanling – a baby horse that no longer needs mom’s milk

Yearling – A horse that is 1 year old

Tack – equipment used to work with horses

Mule – a cross between a horse and a donkey (a donkey is a different species but still in the horse family)

Green horse – an untrained or inexperienced horse

Please ask your parents before downloading the word search activity.

word search
Download PDF • 24KB

Download PDF • 26KB

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