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Home Alone Again???

Updated: May 12, 2020


As I told you in my last blog, my family and I have been ordered to stay at home because of this very serious virus that is affecting humans all over the world. Staying at home has been wonderful for me because I get to be with my family day and night. My family brushes me more, I get to go outside in the yard with them more often and stay outside longer so I can chase the birds, squirrels, and bunnies away, and I get to play more games with my family. We also just get cozy together and watch TV (I usually nap, truth be known). This is very different than what my routine used to be. My family and I get up and about early. I would go outside briefly, eat breakfast, get a hug or too from everybody and then they would all take off for places like “school” and “work”. I spent the long days napping and wishing someone would come home and play with me. Remember, we dogs are “pack animals” which means we are like people and need company, stimulation, and affection. I let them know how happy I was to see them by barking, wiggling, and jumping when they would come home. I was excited to get back out in the yard and potty, chase away those pesky visitors, and spend time with my family.

I hear that there is a plan for things to return as they were with stores and businesses opening up and people going back to work. I’m not too sure I am ready for that since I think that means I will be “home alone”. I have heard my family talking about this and here is what they plan to do to help me through this time when my schedule is changing and they won’t be with me all day. Mom said she has ordered some new chew toys to leave with me. That is exciting and they will help me have something to do at least. Dad says we are going to continue with our twice daily walks so we both stay in shape and can relax. I think they may be planning to leave some music or the TV on when they were gone like they used to do. That helps me feel calmer and I can nap longer. Some of my dog friends who are younger are going to “doggie day care” because they get anxious when left alone. Others will be having a “pet walker” coming in once a day to visit and take them for some exercise. My family used to do that when I was younger.

So, I don’t think being “home alone” will be so bad after all. I know that my family will always come home to me and that they look forward to seeing me and playing with me. We are so good for each other and give each other lots of support and love. Wishing you and your pets good health and an easy transition during the changes that are coming in the next few weeks.

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