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How to Groom a Horse

Hay folks! Ed here, today I want to teach you about one of the best ways to bond with me: grooming! Just like dogs and cats I have to be groomed on a regular basis to get rid of dirt and mud that may irritate my skin. Here's how:

1. Curry Comb: A curry comb is usually an oval rubber brush with small teeth on in. This is used in a circular motion from neck all the way to tail. This comb works to break apart mud and dirt and loosen shedding fur. This brush can be used with a decent amount of pressure and often feels like a massage to a horse.

2. Hard Brush: This is a rectangular brush with stiff long bristles. It is used in a flicking motion starting at the neck and flicking with the direction of the fur (towards the tail). This brush helps remove the loosened dirt from step 1. Don't forget to brush the legs!

3. Soft Brush: A soft brush is very similar to a hard brush, but has softer, shorter bristles. This helps remove any remaining dirt and often makes the horse shine! It is also great for brushing sensitive places like the face.

4. Hoof Pick: The hoof pick is probably one of the most important steps to grooming. This often has a plastic or metal handle with a metal tip and sometimes has a stiff brush on the end too. You must pick up the horses' foot and use the metal tip to dig out packed mud and dirt. Make sure you check for any lodged rocks that may be hurting the horse!

There you have it! You know you're doing it right when the horse starts to move its mouth and chew! That means it feels good!

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