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National Cat Day

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day?! I had fun celebrating with my family. Now I want to share some fun facts about cats with you all.

  • Cats are the second most popular household pets in America. Fish are the most popular pets and dogs ranked third most popular.

  • Cats are usually left paw dominant. In comparison, most humans are right hand dominant.

  • Cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day, and up to 20 hours out of a 24 hour period.

  • A group of cats is called a “clowder.” A litter of kittens is called a “kindle.” A male cat is called a “tom,” a female cat is called a “molly” or “queen.”

  • Calico cats are not a specific breed of cat. Calico is used to describe a unique color pattern of white, orange, brown, and black. 99.9% of Calico cats are born female.

  • On average, a cat can jump 8 feet in a single leap, which is 5 times its body length.

  • When a cat’s pupils dilate—get larger and more round—the cat is angry or feels threatened. Cats squint and blink to show appreciation and comfort.

  • A cat’s sense of smell is its most powerful attribute, 14 times more powerful than a human’s sense of smell.

  • Most indoor cats are “crepuscular,” meaning they are active mostly at dawn (morning) and dusk (nighttime).

  • Cats have 3 eyelids and most cats have no eyelashes.

  • When cat's meow, they are not speaking to other cats, they are speaking to humans.

Share these fun facts with your friends. I hope you celebrate your relationship with your cat everyday!

Kitten playing with a new toy
Kitten playing with a new toy

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