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Pet Insurance: Peace of Mind

Preface: This blog entry is not an advertisement for pet insurance; but rather, an informative entry that comes from one of our volunteers/instructors who has experienced the emotional and financial pains of losing two beloved dogs to cancer, one at the young age of eight years old.

We've all heard of health insurance for humans, but are you familiar with health insurance for your pet?  Pet insurance is a healthcare policy for your pet that pays, or partly pays, for veterinary treatments for the policy owner's pet.   Plans can vary as to what is covered.  Unlike human insurance you must pay the vet in full, then get reimbursed for the covered treatment by the insurance company. Some insurance companies only cover cats and dogs, though some cover horses and other pets. They may limit coverage to pets having pre-existing conditions, or congenital or hereditary conditions.  Hip dysplasia and dental disease may also limit your coverage. This may be an incentive to purchase your insurance when your pet is very young, before the pre-existing conditions occur. Is paying for pet insurance worth it? The average monthly premiums can range from $20 - $100. That is $240 - $1,200 a year. Without pet insurance, illness or injury treatments can cost the owner hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Most pet owners would agree that their pets are part of the family.  It is a personal and financial decision to have pet insurance, but it can also give you peace of mind, if and when your family pet becomes ill.

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