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Scooter's Thoughts on the New Rules

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Life is a little bit confusing right now. I don’t see any school buses passing by my house, no kids are out playing, I haven’t been to the dog park, and when I go for walks my humans say we have to stay 6 feet away from other humans. It is quiet outside kind of like it is after a big snow storm but the trees are blooming so I know winter is over. My entire family is home now and they say they only leave to get essentials because there is a new rule called “Stay at Home”. Now, I know from my training what “Stay” means but I have never heard “Stay at Home”. There must also be new rules about cleaning everything and washing hands all the time. I see my family using wipes and some liquid stuff that kind of smells; they call it disinfectant. Thankfully, they don’t use any of that stuff on me!

My family says that all of this is being done because of some new disease called “Corona Virus”. People are getting very sick and having something called pneumonia which means they have trouble breathing. People have been told to stay away from each other, stay at home, wash their hands at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap, and clean packages before they bring them into the house. Veterinarians do not think that dogs can catch or transmit this disease but families with pets are encouraged to be cautious and do not allow pets to socialize with pets from other families. Many stores are closed to minimize contact so if your pet needs food or supplies your family should check on the store hours and availability of what is needed before going.

My family and I want to wish you and your family good health and good times at home. We hope to see everybody out and about when this crises passes.

from Scooter and Family

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