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Vet School During Quarantine

Hi Kids 4 Critters Friends!

I hope everyone is making the most of their time at home! I wanted to give you an update on how the NCSU's Veterinary School and Veterinary Hospital are doing during this stay at home order.

We have adapted our schooling much like your classes have! I am watching my professors teach from my home and completing assignments and tests online. We should all be thanking our teachers. They have worked very hard to make school from home possible! Completing school at home has given me a lot of extra free time. I have been cooking more and even started running. I hope you all will find some new hobbies during your time at home!

The Veterinary School has a fully functioning veterinary hospital where students learn to treat the public's pets. Our Veterinary Hospital is considered an essential business, so it has been allowed to stay open for sick pets. But the hospital has changed its routine to keep students and staff safe. Unfortunately, the students are not allowed at the hospital right now. They are studying sick pet cases from the safety of their home. Only staff are allowed into the hospital. Owners with sick pets call the hospital and talk with the veterinarian over the phone from the parking lot. A staff member will then carefully retrieve the pet from the owners' car and the veterinarian will examine and treat the pet in the hospital. I am so thankful we can still provide care to sick animals.

An interesting fact about veterinary hospitals is that we use much of the same equipment and supplies that human hospitals use. Our Veterinary School recently donated numerous personal protective equipment (like masks) to human hospitals in the area. They, also, let human hospitals borrow ventilators to treat sick human patients. That is the amazing part about being a veterinarian! We are here to help humans and animals! Here is a wonderful article on how NC State's Veterinary Hospital is helping human hospitals in the area:

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