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Welcome to Summer 2020!

Hi, Everyone! I think I look pretty good in this picture from my recent photo shoot. I notice the temperatures are creeping up into the 80’s and 90’s and my family tells me that summer season is upon us. That means lots of things for us dogs (and I suppose for cats if you have them as pets). June was “Pet Preparedness Month” according to my veterinarian. This means that I got a checkup and my vaccinations were updated. My veterinarian recommended medications for prevention of fleas, ticks, and heartworms so I am ready for anything now. Remember that just 1 bite from a tick or mosquito can infect your pet and cause diseases that can be difficult and expensive to treat.

An important fact about summer temperatures is that we pets can become easily overheated and even get heat exhaustion. So, keep us in a cool environment, plenty of shade when we are outdoors, and lots of fresh, cool water at all times. Ice chips are a welcome treat! NEVER ever leave us in cars in the summertime! Temperatures inside a car rise very quickly even when windows are left open.

Summertime also means celebrations and that often means fireworks. Many of us dogs are extremely afraid of explosive sounds such as fireworks and gunfire. Please make special arrangements for us to be in our “safe spot” inside the house and distract us with music and one of our favorite chew toys. Extra attention is much appreciated. Trips outside during this time should always be on leash or in a secure fenced area. Runaway dogs in July are all too common and the runaways often happen as a result of these scary sounds.

Grilling is an activity that often happens during the nice weather too. Remember that we dogs have over 300 million olfactory receptors. This means that the smells of grilling can either be very attractive to us or very overpowering. Always supervise your dog when grilling to prevent accidents around the hot surfaces so he/she doesn’t “snatch” food that is dangerous.

Some other summer time issues can include allergies, dangerous plants and chemicals used in gardens and yards, and activities involving bodies of water. Do your best to stay aware of things in your dog’s environment so your pet is safe at all times. Always consult your veterinarian for information if you think your pet shows symptoms or changes which may be related to these factors.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe summer in 2020!

Scooter Dog

Images by Clip Art Library

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