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Wishing All Pets A Safe Holiday

There seems to be more hustle and bustle as this month winds down. I keep hearing words like Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am starting to see pumpkins, colorful leaves, candles, and all sorts of other interesting things popping up inside my house. I think some very exciting things are about to happen that involve food, family, and friends. It can also mean that I am going to have some adjusting to do. Here are some tips for you and your family to remember to help your pets have safe and happy holidays with you.

If guests are invited to your home, make sure they know that you have pets so that if they have allergies or other issues with pets that preparations can be made to accommodate both guests and pets. Caution them to not bring their pets if you think that would be upsetting to your fur baby. Make sure that your pet has a place for a safe hideaway if it gets stressed by strangers in your home or if there are rambunctious children who overwhelm your pet. Make sure you have control of your pet when doors are opened to prevent a quick getaway. It is a good time to make sure your pet is wearing a collar or harness with contact information attached. In Kids 4 Critters (K4C) class we teach about the benefits and necessity of having your pets microchipped. Anyone can review that information on the K4C web site. Just watch this video as narrated by my friend, Mr. Peters.

Food can also be an issue at holidays. Those wonderful smells associated with holiday meals are just as tempting to your pets as they are to you and we will work extra hard to try and get our paws on some of it. Avoid giving your pets scraps from the holiday table and definitely do not allow them to have chocolate, onions, or bones. While you humans are “feasting” think about providing your pet with a special snack which is “pet safe” such as a Kong filled with pet snacks. Remember to put all garbage in a bag in a trash can where your pets are unable to get it.

Be especially careful about plants that you bring into the home for the holidays. Some are poisonous to animals. Avoid putting aspirin or chemicals in the Christmas tree stand as those can be poisonous and your pets may try to drink that water. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides more information about plants which are poisonous. The ASPCA Poison Control Hotline is a 24 hour service and can be reached at 888-426-4435. You can also access your emergency veterinarian if the need arises.

Click for more information on this topic or access a “pet poison list”.

cats and dogs aurrounding pumpkins that are carved to spell out "thanks"
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Wishing all of you and your fur babies a safe and happy holiday season!!!

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