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A Dog's Viewpoint on Pet Identification

February for us dogs seems to mean we see lots of red hearts, valentines, and chocolate in our homes. In your Kids 4 Critters class you learn that giving and receiving love from pets is one of the 4 “R’s” (Rewards). My family says that social media is filled with heart breaking stories of dogs and cats who go missing. The stories with happy endings usually mention that a “microchip” was the key to returning the pet to its’ owner. A gift of a microchip would be a way to show your love for your pet this Valentine’s Day.

A “microchip”, “What is that?” A microchip is a high tech way of identifying almost any object including lost pets. In Kids 4 Critters class you learned it is the most responsible way to protect a pet if it gets lost. For more information about microchips search:

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I got this tiny transponder (about the size of a grain of rice) implanted under my skin by my veterinarian. I still wear a collar and a tag with my name and my owner’s phone number on it but tags and collars can get lost. My veterinarian says that my microchip provides an extra level of protection in case I get lost. The microchip has its’ own special identification number which is registered with a national organization. The number can be scanned by a special tool a veterinarian uses to go across my shoulders (kind of like the scanner used at the grocery store for yummy products) and then my owner could be contacted.”

I would like for you to check out these recent stories about “Angel” and “Abby” who had microchips and the very happy endings for the dogs and their families.

Now that you understand the importance of a microchip, celebrate loving your pet by contacting your veterinarian this month to make an appointment to have one placed. It is easy, just like getting a shot. Be hip, GET A MICROCHIP. You and your pet will be glad if anything happens and your pet slips away from you and gets lost.

By the way, REMEMBER: NO Chocolate for pets. We love the smell of it so keep any chocolate in a safe place where we cannot find it and eat it. Chocolate can be deadly to pets.

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