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Celebrate the Holidays Safely

Are you planning a Thanksgiving get together at your home? My human companions host a feast with food and fun every year. As cat parents, they take precautions to keep me safe and comfortable during the holiday. What do they do? Well, let me tell you…

Sometimes guests like to bring presents such as collections of cut flowers which make wonderful centerpieces. Unfortunately, many of the most popular plants and flowers are not good for cats; they can even be deadly. Lilies are toxic to me and my feline friends. If I chew on just a small amount, it can be fatal. So, my pet parents ask people not to bring fresh flowers but rather fake plants or better yet gourds and pumpkins.

You may have heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” When it comes to candles and fireplaces, curious cats may burn themselves on open flames. Even if the cat isn't curious, it could swish its tail by a flame and catch its hair on fire. Be sure to use a protective screen that keeps cats away from the open flames. Remember, these screens can still get hot and cats like to stretch and claw, so there is still a risk of injury. If you can do without the fire, it is safer for us cats.

Do you like potpourri? I do! My fellow felines and I find the scents alluring (attractive). Sadly, many potpourris contain herbs and oils that are toxic to cats, especially if ingested. I need you to keep them out of reach and out of temptation.

Many table scraps can be toxic to both cats and dogs. Scooter talks more about that in his blog. Be sure your guests know to play it safe and not feed me and other pets people food.

I love holiday decorations with their strings and ribbons because what I see are toys. If you hear a crash, you know I successfully played with them and something fell. Sometimes, I want to eat them, which is bad news. They can get caught in the intestinal track and cause irreparable damage. Add a Christmas tree and I have something fun to climb although you might not agree. Best to use caution when decorating and think of your pet’s safety.

With guests coming and going, I like to take the opportunity to get outside and explore. Make sure visitors know your cat is not allowed outside. In the event of an escape, be sure your cat is wearing a collar or harness with identification tags. If your cat is not microchipped, please get one. It could be the difference between finding or losing your fur baby forever.

Keep in mind that cats are creatures of habit. I can get stressed out when you change the schedule or have visitors, which happens often over the holidays. Stress can lead to disease for cats. Do what you can to minimize the stress for your cat by providing them with a private area to retreat. Play helps reduce stress and increases confidence. I suggest you use an interactive lure toy and provide daily opportunities for play to help your cat stay calm.

Here I have listed some links to help you determine poisonous plants and what to do if your cat gets into them:

Enjoy the holidays!

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