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Do I Smell Thanksgiving Dinner?

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Oh, those marvelous smells. Is it dinnertime?

I love table scraps and why shouldn't I get some? Like my owners, I need to eat protein and vegetables. However, I need my owners to be careful what they feed me because I will gobble down (like the pun?) anything offered.

Happy Thanksgiving! Fill my plate.

Lean meat such as white turkey meat, beef, or lamb as well as fish are great for me, but I shouldn't eat excess skin, fat, or bones, Too much dark meat, skin, or fat could cause pancreatitis, which stops my digestive track from working properly. A severe case could cause death. Bones could splinter and cut my throat, stomach, or other internal parts. Hard bones could break my teeth or make me choke. Ouch!

I'd love some stuffing, but it's not very good for me. Most people make it with onions or other "alliums" (garlic, leeks, scallions). Eating alliums could lead to anemia, which makes me tired and unwilling to play or go for walks. My breath and heartbeat might become too fast. Some dogs become so exhausted they collapse.

Remember, grapes and raisins are very bad for me. They can cause kidney failure. I can eat cranberry sauce, but watch the sugar! And definitely keep anything made with chocolate, alcohol, and Xylitol away from me. They are poisonous to animals. If you didn't know, Xylitol is used as an artificial sweetener and frequently used in baking. It's commonly found in sugarless gum and toothpaste. Even some peanut butters contain it, so read your labels!

Pass me some mashed or baked potatoes. No dressing needed. I'll take white or sweet as long as the potatoes are cooked. Raw potatoes can cause me grief. I'll also take some macaroni and cheese, but be aware some dogs and many adult cats are lactose intolerant and that can mean bathroom issues. Plain green beans, peas, zucchini, and carrots are yummy scraps. Some dogs like those vegetables raw, but I prefer them cooked. What can I say, every dog's taste is different.

For dessert, give me fruit without seeds. I love bananas and blueberries. Or maybe some apples, oranges, or watermelon.

This link from WebMD gives good information on foods I should not eat:

This link is for my cat friends:

I hope you made so much, we get several days of leftovers.

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