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I'm Dreaming...

My family tells me that Christmas is coming quickly. I see some pretty interesting packages appearing under our Christmas tree. This makes me dream of some of the most fun and exciting things that could be coming my way. I am dreaming of:

cartoon of dog dreaming
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  • 6 flying tennis balls that I can run , chase, and retrieve;

  • 5 squawking squirrels, I can chase up the trees;

  • 4 floating Frisbee's, I can watch and retrieve;

  • 3 twirling tops, that I can watch spin and spin and spin;

  • 2 tiny treats, that are yummy, yummy, yummy;

  • 1 wonderful meal at the end of this busy and fun day.

Maybe your pet has a different list that will make him/her celebration special? Be sure and plan something special to do with your pet and always remember the pet safety tips you studied in Kids 4 Critters class, Lesson 3. During the holiday season, be especially careful about where you have house plants and foods that are hazardous to pets. Poinsettias and chocolate are two examples which should always be out of reach for pets. For more information visit our Lesson Resources page.

Wishing all of you and your pets a safe and happy holiday season!

 yellow lab with wreath wround his neck
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