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Why Microchip Your Cat?

The Kids 4 Critters program teaches students about responsible pet ownership. Responsible cat owners microchip their feline companions! A microchip is a tiny piece of technology implanted beneath a pet’s skin. Each microchip has a unique identifying number. Owners register the microchip along with their contact information. In case an animal ever gets lost, a veterinarian or shelter can scan the microchip in order to reunite the lost pet with her owner. Let me explains why all cats should have microchips:

One beautiful sunny day, I watched from the windowsill for my human to come home, so that I could greet her at the door. As soon as my human opened the door, I saw the blooming spring yard, and I couldn’t help myself! I darted right past my human and ran outside to chase a bird. I just wanted to play outside! My human quickly scooped me up and brought me back to the safety of our home. Playful kitties such as myself love to explore and roam. We are faster than our humans and can run outside. I’m an indoor cat, so I shouldn’t be outside. I could get lost or hurt. I could tell that my human was worried, so she took me to the vet. I got my normal booster shots to prevent rabies and feline leukemia, but I got another shot in between my shoulder blades just underneath my skin. It didn’t hurt, it was just a pinch, and was over in a few seconds. My veterinarian implanted me with a microchip.

Vet implanting a microchip into a cat
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The veterinarian explained to my human that all cats—indoor and outdoor, even cats who wear collars with ID tags—should get a microchip. She said that a microchip is especially important for cats because kitties like to run and roam and could get lost outside. Both indoor and outdoor cats can get lost in unfamiliar territory by mistake and may not be able to find their way home. The veterinarian explained that unfortunately, many lost cats without microchips will not be reunited with their owners. Even kittens, once they are at least 8 weeks old, can get microchips.

Cat being scanned for microchip

My microchip is like a permanent ID tag. My human takes special care to register my microchip with her updated contact information. Now I can nap peacefully, knowing that my human is a responsible pet owner who has taken action to make sure we don’t get separated.

Check out the Litter Robot blog about common misconceptions about micro-chipping your pet.

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